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January 29, 2004

Chappa-Chutzpah of the day

- Ted Kennedy had observed the rescue attempts from the bridge, calling out, "Can you see her? Is she in there?" In the glow of the Valiant's headlights, Gargan saw the Senator stretched out on his back on the bridge. With his hands clasped behind his head, knees drawn up, Kennedy was looking into the sky, rocking back and forth, repeating, "Oh my God. What am I going to do? What am I going to do?"
"You have a Jim Rassmann, who was a Special Forces officer that was blown off John Kerry's small boat ...  When John Kerry turned that boat back and hauled Jim Rassmann out of the water, risking his own life, what he has said: We leave no one behind. He didn't leave Jim Rassmann behind. He won't leave veterans behind." - Senator Edward "Splash" Kennedy on CNN.
Posted by pecksnif at January 29, 2004 05:29 PM | TrackBack

Easily explained. While Mary Jo served, she wasn't a veteran.

Posted by: Cracker Barrel Philosopher at January 29, 2004 05:43 PM

Bein' a war hero ain't no dagnabbed guarantee of continued patriotism after ambition kicks in. See: Kerry '71 or Benedict Arnold.

Posted by: DougM at January 29, 2004 06:03 PM

let's not forget about all the servicemembers he stabbed in the back when he came back and joined the protestors.

Posted by: Captain Scarlet at January 29, 2004 07:17 PM


And i like Kennedy - except when I don't. ")

Posted by: Andrew | BYTE BACK at January 29, 2004 07:23 PM

I hate to be his handlers when they wake up Kennedy tomorrow morning from his drunken stupor. When one of the three handlers tells Kennedy what he said today, there will hell to pay by that messenger of the bad news.

Posted by: Jake at January 29, 2004 11:43 PM

Ted Kennedy: Reasons #1 through #5,000 why I'm ashamed to be a Massachusetts resident and taxpayer.

Posted by: Bruce at January 30, 2004 09:22 AM

As somebody once said, "Ted Kennedy looks like a Florida manatee dressed up in a suit." If for no other reason, Kerry's people won't let him campaign here in Florida where folks could get confused, especially those that live and (sometimes try to) vote in West Palm Beach.

Posted by: Terry at January 30, 2004 10:33 AM
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